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Our innovative strength

Technological innovation is central to NextivityFiber. This is why a large part of our activities focuses on the continuous development of new technological solutions and services for telecom infrastructures. By sharing our knowledge and practising open innovations, we are able to develop new technologies, some of which may or may not be disruptive. These are technologies that we bring to the market through NextivityFiber. So that together, we create better connections.

Innovation is in our DNA

The drive to continuously create new solutions is embedded deeply in our DNA. As a start-up, we have evolved from ConXys, our sister organisation, which has traditionally been strong in core and transmission networks. For many years, ConXys has brought a wide range of innovations to the market. Its track record includes solutions such as: the compact main distributor, various custom DA styles, MDF cable assemblies, E-pots panels and many other solutions. The development of the FAN-out, which enabled customers to gain substantial TCO-savings, was a pioneering piece of technology.

With its innovation DNA, ConXys delivers customized solutions in its field. As NextivityFiber also possesses this deeply embedded innovation DNA, FiberX-ID has become our first ground-breaking innovation. FiberX-ID transforms existing copper networks into future-proof fibre networks. Based on this rich history and our own Innovation & Development department, we continue to pursue open innovation. We work together to combine the knowledge and experience from our group, our partners, and the educational institutions associated with us, to create new solutions for you, our customer.

From idea to innovation

NextivityFiber uses a proven, and for many years successful, approach in its innovation process, developed by our sister organisation ConXys. Every innovation comes from an idea brought to us from the supply chain. Challenges from customers or new ideas are put forward by partners in the chain, then further developed through co-creation. Step by step.

After an initial quick scan of the idea and outlining a business case, the viability of the idea is assessed. If this assessment is positive, then the idea is explored in depth and the innovation for new solutions begins with working demos. These are then tested against the Total Cost of Ownership with customers. If all is still positive, there are subsequent preparations for market entry, followed by the moment that matters most: the practical implementation of the new innovation.

All our innovations are scientifically tested and verified. Our specialists are specifically trained for this, analyzing every detail until it is mathematically correct and works in practice. Pictured here is Elisa Dominese, Product Development Engineer at NextivityFiber.

Open innovation with partners and the Delft University of Technology

Together with our chain partners, we search for viable and financially feasible solutions which are then implemented following extensive and successful testing. Ideas developed by our own Innovation & Development department. Every day, our scientifically trained specialists develop, test and factually substantiate the feasibility of these ideas. We have also chosen to enter into exclusive partnerships with such research institutes as TU Delft in order to accelerate our ideas and make them scientifically viable for implementation.

FiberX-ID, our ground-breaking innovation

With our FiberX-ID, we have a solution for optimising the Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) network by literally transforming it. Within these existing telecom infrastructures, FiberX-ID allows us to remove the copper core at a lower cost than traditional digging, and use a carbon conscious process to replace it with a fibre core. This not only gives your existing network future-proof connectivity, it also extends the lifespan of your current assets.

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