Xtra optimisation by smart transformation

Our full-service solutions for network optimisation

Our passion for the telecoms sector encourages us to embrace new ideas. Ideas that inspire us to find disruptive solutions for telecom infrastructures.

Solutions that can be implemented to transform and renew networks, literally creating new opportunities and unlimited potential, and which enable us to make life on earth, and the earth itself, even more beautiful.

A proven track record with ConXys

With its proven track record, our sister organisation ConXys has a rich history of applied solutions. Solutions that are aimed at reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers, the owners of telecom infrastructures. Achieving efficiency in the field of labour deployment, reducing the use of space and energy consumption, are clear examples of our success.

ConXys has traditionally been strong in core and transmission networks, where optimal logistics services have proven to be the key to success. This success, together with the ConXys focus embedded in our DNA, is what enables NextivityFiber to concentrate on optimising these core and transmission networks. Accomplished by transforming existing connections into future-proof fibre connectivity with our ground-breaking technology.

Digitalisation essential to our daily lives

If there is one thing we have learned in recent years, it is that digitisation is essential to our daily lives. Digitisation is crucial in education, at work (both at home and in the office) and last but not least, in healthcare. The foundation of digitisation is the world’s digital infrastructure. To be able to continuously respond to changing needs, a transformation of this digital infrastructure is necessary.

We can optimise your assets

With our FiberX-ID, we have a solution that can optimise your customer’s Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) network, enabling you to respond to further increases in your end customers’ capacity requirements and their quality experience. Consumers or B2B customers, everyone likes to work with the latest technologies that provide an increase in data, stability and quality.

FiberX-ID makes it possible to literally replace the existing copper core with fibre, without the need to dig up the current telecoms route completely. With this ground pioneering technology, we are able to upgrade your existing HFC network and add additional benefits, thereby enhancing it with the latest technologies. And with far fewer excavation works it also greatly reduces the turnaround time, the required capacity and the inconvenience to local residents and the authorities involved. Fewer excavation movements also mean lower CO2 emissions and a reduction in the risk of excavation damage. It also reduces the administrative burden associated with permit applications, making fees manageable.

FiberX-ID not only accelerates the conversion from coax to fibre, but also makes it more economical and more carbon-conscious. By optimising, we can ensure that we extend the life of your current assets, thereby potentially avoiding any taxes on encroachments.

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Our full service approach

We always optimise using a full service approach. This means that we oversee and manage the entire process for you. Our specialists, together with our partners, handle all this, while NextivityFiber coordinates the outsourced work. We oversee the entire chain and have our finger on the pulse.

From the initial intake to carrying out a site survey, we start by designing your required final network configuration. We then manage all the preparations, and involve specialist partners where required. With the right preparations in place, we gather all the information for an efficient transformation with the least possible disruption to the connection. Then we transform your network from coax to fibre. Instead of traditional digging along the entire length, we focus on a smart transformation, with fewer metres of digging work involved. We coordinate from NextivityFiber all the work and are closely monitoring the project and the results at all times. We also continue monitoring the process and the end result after delivery, ensuring that your network achieves an optimal end result. We remain available 24/7 in case of emergencies and are always available to answer any questions about our progress. If required, we can handle everything regarding the ‘as built’ registrations in the registration systems.

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