Xtra connectivity for the next generation

Xtra connectivity for the next generation

We are NextivityFiber

Our FiberX-ID solution enables us to optimize existing Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) networks for network owners. This is how our team of dedicated specialists transforms existing connections. From A to Z, we use fibre to breathe new life into your existing copper infrastructures.

Creating carbon conscious opportunities and potential

We stand for carbon conscious entrepreneurship and the creation of new opportunities and potential. For the sake of humanity, but especially for our environment. Working with our customers and partners, we aim to be a fully carbon-neutral business by the end of 2024. With this goal in mind, we are working towards and contributing to a circular economy.

Smart knowledge, solutions & transformations

FiberX-ID: our smart solution for owners of telecom infrastructures. With our ground-breaking technology, we transform infrastructures by adapting your cables to the latest technology standards. Networks that have been operating for years and which are by now – almost – written off, are given a new lease of life without the need for substantial excavation work.

We create sustainable opportunities

NextivityFiber was founded in 2020 by Hans Veldhoen, a pioneer in technological solutions in the world of telecommunications. We initiated the start-up from our sister organisation ConXys, a well-known supplier of high-quality network components, particularly for copper networks. NextivityFiber is a trading name of NextivityFiber Holding B.V. in Den Dolder.

As NextivityFiber, we bring disruptive solutions to the world of FttX. With our ground-breaking technological FiberX-ID solution, existing copper telecom infrastructures are not replaced, but sustainably transformed into Fibre infrastructures. Using our customized solutions and a carbon conscious approach, your network is optimized and fully prepared for future-proof connectivity. Connections equipped with the latest technologies that enable your customers to continue creating new opportunities and potential.

Xtra Smart for owners of telecom infrastructures

As a telecoms infrastructure network owner, you have to deal with the lifespan of existing (copper) networks, replacement issues, taxes on encroachments, investments, changing customer demand, new technologies and much more. As a smart solution partner, NextivityFiber helps you with the asset management of your network/s. From design, to planning for replacement issues. From the transformation itself, to network aftercare. All this to breathe new life into your network. Quality, safety and sustainability are of paramount importance to us.

Our team of dedicated specialists

Innovations emerge from successful collaborations. Collaborations in which knowledge and experience combine with disruptive ideas, ambition and the space to innovate. Our team of scientific specialists – sometimes working together with partners – has already produced a number of ground-breaking innovations for both our sister organisation ConXys and for NextivityFiber. FiberX-ID is our most recent development, but definitely not our last. At our Innovation & Development Centre, we continue to innovate and we actively welcome being challenged by our customers. Their questions or issues are our challenge. Would you like to innovate with us or challenge us? Please contact our innovation team.

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