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A sustainability strategy from the start

Carbon conscious entrepreneurship

Since its inception in 2020, NextivityFiber has implemented a sustainability strategy in our business operations, in our activities and in our agreements with partners. We are committed to carbon conscious business practices, and strive to ultimately become a carbon-neutral company. Because we care about our environment, now and always.

Creating sustainable opportunities

For this reason, our mission statement is ‘Creating sustainable opportunities’. For the people around us, and for our planet. We believe in creating opportunities and ways to make life on earth more pleasant and rewarding. That is what we strive to do. To carry out our work as a full service asset optimiser. By transforming existing telecom networks. By contributing our knowledge, experience and innovative strength to the world around us. With the conviction that we can contribute to a better environment.

CO2 conscious

Our goal is to do business with the least possible impact on the environment. With that aim in mind, we innovate and transform existing telecom infrastructures with our ground-breaking solution,FiberX-ID. This unique solution enables us to substantially reduce CO2 emissions and actively contribute to a circular economy by recovering or reusing existing materials, raw materials and consumables. This enables us to avoid the CO2emissions caused by waste processing. We adhere to the Dutch CO2 performance ladder, with the ambition of operating as a fully carbon neutral company by the end of 2024, in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Our sustainability in practice

To achieve our goal of fully carbon-neutral operations by 2024, we have not only formulated a sustainability strategy, but are already implementing many measures in our operations. Some examples of the results of our focus on sustainability are:

  • We are switching to electric for our work equipment (excavators and tools) and our own vehicles, and they will be 100% electric by the end of 2022.
  • We only use environmentally friendly oils in our process;
  • We are currently undergoing the certification procedure for the Dutch CO2 performance ladder, level 2, and aim to reach level 3 by the end of 2023;
  • We are in dialogue with our customers and business partners about CO2 reduction;
  • We are reducing CO2 emissions substantially by implementing our FiberX-ID solution and by reusing and revitalizing these networks;
  • We are contributing to a circular economy by recovering and reusing materials, raw materials, and consumables from existing networks;
  • We use 100% green electricity; and
  • We do all we can to facilitate working from home and video/conferencing, in order to reduce traffic movements.

Are we sufficiently sustainable?

There is still a lot of work to be done to achieve a truly sustainable world. Consequently, we continue to develop our sustainability strategy and are happy to be challenged by our customers and partners. The choices we make are not always easy. Not for our environment and not for ourselves. But we are convinced that the future is sustainable, and we will continue to take responsibility. To create a better world. Ensuring that every single day we take steps towards sustainable solutions and opportunities.

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